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Am I a Candidate

Am I a Candidate for Laparoscopic Surgery

Since Dr. Zaré specializes in advanced laparoscopic surgery, he will make every attempt to perform your surgery through the minimally invasive approach if indicated. In general most patients qualify for laparoscpoic surgery. In rare instances this approach may not be feasible. For example, individuals with prior history of radical prostate surgery will not be candidates for laparoscopic repair of groin hernias. Similarly, individuals with excessive intra-abdominal scar tissue from multiple prior operations may not be suitable candidates for minimally invasive surgery. Even in these instances, we will make every attempt to perform your surgery in the least invasive manner.

Am I a Candidate for Weight loss Surgery

If you are a motivated individual with 100 lbs or more over your ideal body weight, and have failed to lose weight through conventional methods of weight loss, you will likely qualify for bariatric surgery.

According to the 1991 National Institute of Health criteria, bariatric surgery is offered to individuals with Body Mass Index (BMI) > 40, or individuals with BMI > 35 and obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, high blood pressure, joint disease, etc. To determine your BMI, use the BMI calculator.