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  • 3 Common Misconceptions About Bariatric Surgery

    Did you know that according to research studies published in leading medical journals, bariatric surgery is more effective than diet and exercise alone in helping severely obese individuals lose weight? Despite the obvious benefits of bariatric surgery, there are still several misconceptions regarding this life-changing procedure. Let us look at a few of these misconceptions to separate fact from fiction

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  • Healthy Eating Habits that Can Change Your Life

    Most people tend to think of disease in terms of absolutes – either you absolutely have the disease (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorder, etc.) or you are perfectly healthy - but it is usually a long journey between not having a disease and having it. Healthy eating habits may help prevent or reverse disease processes that begin long before the actual manifestation of the disease.

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  • Are You at Risk for Gallstones?

    Gallstones are dreaded deposits of hardened bilirubin, cholesterol, and bile that can block your bile ducts causing severe abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting, high fever, and a potentially fatal infection. They usually occur when your body chemistry is thrown out of sync for a variety of reasons.

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  • Gall Bladder Surgery with Quick Recovery

    Living with an unhealthy gallbladder can be quite difficult. While for some people gallbladder disease may be asymptomatic, in others the symptoms can make life unbearable. Your doctor may initially suggest a wait-and-watch approach to see if your condition can be alleviated with medication and diet changes. However, a gallbladder attack can occur at any time causing intense abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting, and fever. Sometimes, during the wait-and-watch approach gallstones escape out of the gallbladder and into the common bile duct, resulting in serious life-threatening complications like pancreatitis or cholangitis. In a patient who has gallbladder symptoms, surgery just makes more sense and is considered the standard of care.

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  • How a Gluten-Free Diet Affects You

    These days, the gluten-free diet has become quite popular among people in their 20s and 30s. Supermarkets are stocked with gluten-free products and restaurants have the letters ‘GF’ on the menu. Let’s look at the science behind this trend. Gluten is a broad term that refers to a group of proteins commonly found in grains such as wheat, barley, and rye. When flour produced from these grains is mixed with water, the gluten proteins combine with water to form a glue-like consistency, hence the name gluten. Other common foods containing gluten include pasta, cereal, cookies, pastries, processed foods, and beer.

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