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6 Tips for a Healthy 2017!

6 Tips for a Healthy 2017!

Last year, two of the top three New Year’s resolutions in the US were related to health; Living a Healthier Lifestyle and Losing Weight. You can be sure healthy living will be high up on the list of New Year’s resolutions this time around as well. Unfortunately, many of the resolutions do not last beyond the first few weeks or months of the year. This may be because of trying to make drastic changes in your lifestyle and setting unrealistic goals are setting you up for failure. Here are a few simple tips to improve your health:

  • Do Body Weight Exercises: You can improve your muscle tone by doing simple body weight exercises such as push-ups, squats, and sit-ups. These exercises do not require any special equipment and can be performed without having to step out of your bedroom.
  • Eat Home-cooked Food: There are plenty of benefits of cooking your own food. This way you will be able to ensure there is no excess salt, fat, or sugar in your meals. Home-cooked meals are much healthier compared to frozen or processed meals. You can also cook in bulk so that you have plenty of healthy food available when you are hungry. Home cooking also works out cheaper in the long run, so you will be saving up some money, which could be one of your other New Year’s resolutions.
  • Carry a Bottle of Water with You: Some of the numerous benefits of drinking water throughout the day are it flushes out the toxins from your system, ensures you will be less hungry, has no calories, and keeps your skin looking youthful.
  • Take Walking Breaks at Work: Take a break every hour to walk around the office or go up and down some stairs. In addition to the calories burned, you will return to the task at hand with more focus and a fresh perspective.
  • Maintain Good Posture at Work: Make sure the office ergonomics allow you to maintain good posture. Given the significant time spent at work, making simple adjustments to improve your posture will ensure you have sufficient energy levels at the end of the work day and it can also help prevent a serious injury to your neck and back in the future.
  • Find a Hobby or Sport that You Enjoy: For some people lifting weights in a gym may not be something that they enjoy. Going for a ride on a bike or dancing may be something that you would have fun doing. Whatever the activity, if you are having fun, it is more likely that you will keep at it.

These tips can be easily implemented without making drastic changes to your daily routine. Once you begin to reap the rewards of these small changes, you will realize your resolution to a healthy new you!

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