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Fall Fitness Tips

Fall Fitness Tips

The beginning of fall can be a good time to bring fresh impetus to your fitness routine. It is a well-known fact that you are more likely to stick with your fitness program if it’s fun to do. This fall let’s look at ways to make your journey to attain peak fitness a fun-filled experience.

  • Enjoy the great outdoors: Starting a walking program or hiking will help you burn off extra calories while you enjoy the gorgeous canopy of foliage, the crisp air, and the crunch of leaves beneath your feet. There are several wonderful hiking trails in and around the San Jose area that could get you hooked on the healthy way of life.
  • Try something new: Have you ever wanted to learn to tap dance or perhaps something more contemporary? How about a new sport? Fall is a great season to try and pick up a new skill. If you start learning a new activity now, by the time summer comes around you not only would have mastered the skill, but also undoubtedly would have attained a whole new level of fitness to go with it. As your fitness improves, you could even consider training for something more ambitious such as a long-distance run.
  • Dress in layers: When hiking or walking outside, try to wear 3 layers of clothing. The inner layer should be a moisture-wicking fabric, the middle layer should provide warmth, and the outer layer should provide protection (for example a wind breaker).
  • Dealing with the darkness: During the fall season, it remains darker in the mornings and gets darker earlier in the evenings. If you schedule your outdoor walking or running program during these times, be safe and carry a flashlight or if possible use trails to avoid traffic.
  • Incorporating fitness into your daily routine: Find ways to be more active. Parking further away from your destination, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going for a quick walk during your lunch break, and walking around the soccer field while your kids are at soccer practice are all simple things that, when done regularly, can make a big impact on your fitness in the long run.  

According to the 30-day rule, people usually take about 30 days to adapt to a new habit or lifestyle change. So, take some time out this fall to think about an activity you enjoy and give it your all - a small price to pay for the good health that’s sure to come your way.

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