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  • Bariatric Surgery Patients Exhibit Improved Memory Function 12 Months Postoperatively


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  • Learning to eat again: Man drops 130 pounds after surgery

    Source: CNN

    Debbie Benzine lost her first husband to heart disease when he was 44. His death left her to raise a young child alone. For 16 years, she stayed single because, “going through it once was enough for me.”

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  • Weight Loss Surgery May Affect Fat-Related Genes

    Source: WebMD

    Weight-loss surgery changes the levels of genes involved in burning and storing fat, a new study says.

    The findings may help lead to the development of new drugs that mimic this weight-loss-associated control of gene regulation, said the authors of the study published online April 11 in the journal Cell Reports.

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  • The Obesity-Inactivity-Cancer chain

    Source: Daily Rx

    The link between obesity and cancer is nothing new. Lack of regular exercise and cancer are also teammates. A new study has added some links to this chain of knowledge.

    Researchers found that higher body mass index (BMI) was associated with a specific type of colorectal cancer. Physical activity decreased the risk of this cancer, which has a specific molecular signature.

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  • Surprising misperceptions about weight status and obesity health risks

    Source: Wlshelp

    Although the majority of the American public views obesity as a serious public health issue, a surprising number tend to misperceive their own weight status and do not fully understand all the health consequences of being obese, according to results from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey.

    The results showed that nearly half of the overweight, but not obese, respondents misperceived their own weight status and thought their weight was about right. And while many of the respondents were aware of the link between obesity with heart disease and diabetes, most were less likely to mention other serious health impacts associated with being overweight or obese.

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  • Disabled by weight: obese with arthritis

    Source: Daily Rx

    Being obese is just plain unhealthy. All that excess fat can make outcomes worse for patients with any of a number of diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis.

    A recent study showed that morbidly obese patients with inflammatory polyarthritis – which includes diseases like rheumatoid arthritis – had higher levels of disability than arthritis patients who were not obese. Morbidly obese patients had about twice the odds of disability compared to those who were not obese.

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  • Seven dangerous myths about weight loss — or are they little white lies?

    Source: Forbes

    The cover copy of a thousand magazines was attacked this morning in the august pages of the New England Journal of Medicine by Krista Casazza, David B. Allison, both from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, and a long list of co-authors. Much of what you’ve been told about weight loss is wrong and, in the current style of journalists everywhere, they break these misconceptions down into a list of widely-held myths, which they then attack with dry academic savagry.

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  • Eat lunch early and lose weight!

    Source: Medical Breakthrough

    Trying to lose weight can be awful; you do all the right things but the pounds stay put. Now researchers think they have discovered a significant factor in not only how much weight people lose, but how fast the weight is lost as well. The study says that early eaters lose weight more effectively than individuals who take their meals later on in the day.

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  • Extra weight and slipped discs

    Source: Daily Rx

    Carrying excess weight can aggravate your lower back and cause other musculoskeletal problems. But when it comes to slipped discs in the spine, not much is known about the effect of that excess weight.

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  • Time for dinner! Time for healthy kids

    Source: Daily Rx

    There’s more to a meal than eating. The time spent with family at the dinner table can be good both for the heart and to help keep off the extra pounds.

    A recently published study found that families who sit down together for 20 minutes or more during meal times can improve kids’ health and better maintain a healthy weight compared to families who do not spend as much time together.

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