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Robotic Surgery

Surgical treatment remains a sole option when your disease turns serious and does not respond well to less invasive treatments such as medications. However, recent advances in surgical technology have brought in revolutionary techniques that make surgical procedures less traumatic. One such advancement is the robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery. Dr. Zare  has been performing robotic-assisted surgery for nearly a decade and uses this approach as his preferred modality for treatment of hiatal hernias and colon resection.

In robotic-assisted surgery, a computer-controlled robotic platform (DaVinci Xi) is utilized by Dr. Zare to obtain more precise and accurate results. The robotic arms serve as extension of your surgeon’s hands and provide greater range of motion and dexterity. Additionally, this surgical system provides the surgeon a three-dimensional view of the surgical area with improved magnification. Robotic-assisted surgical systems are alternatives to traditional open or laparoscopic surgical techniques recommended for hernia repair, colon resection, splenectomy, and various other operations. 

During a robotic-assisted procedure, your surgeon will make small incisions on the abdomen much like a traditional laparoscopic procedure. He will then insert surgical instruments and a camera-equipped telescope, all of which are then attached to the arms of the robotic system. The telescope placed inside the patient helps your surgeon obtain a three-dimensional image of the surgical site. Your surgeon will then use his console to control all movements of the surgical instruments.

We currently offer the latest Da Vinci Xi robotic platform at both affiliate hospitals.