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Healthgrades 5-star Rated

Bariatric Surgery Excellence Award™

In 2011 our hospital-based program received a 5-star best performance rating from HealthGrades, an independent agency. Healthgrades examines recent trends in obesity and bariatric surgery in the U.S. On its most recent analysis Healthgrades identified patient outcomes for inpatient bariatric surgery using three years of data (2006-2008) from 19 all-payer states where data were publicly available.

HealthGrades evaluated hospital bariatric surgery programs based on their risk-adjusted inhospital complications and assigned a 5-star (best performance), 3-star (as expected performance) or 1-star (poor performance) rating. A total of 684 hospitals were evaluated in this study. We were pleased to know that we were among the prestigious 19% that received ‘best performer’ 5-star rating.

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