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Weight Loss Before Hernia Surgery

Excess weight is a risk factor for development of hernias. It is also a risk factor for recurrence of hernias after they have been surgically repaired. If a patient has excess weight, it is advisable to reduce some weight before surgery.

How to lose weight

Depending on the amount of excess weight, a simple diet or a more structured regimen of weight loss may be advised. We routinely assist individuals with their weight loss efforts and provide counseling during the initial surgical visit. Patients also enjoy easy access to our experienced registered dietitian. With this approach, it is hoped that any weight loss that is achieved before surgery will be maintain afterwards.

If more than a few pounds of weight loss is desired, a meal replacement program offered can be attempted. Using products that have been developed under the most stringent quality management criteria, patients receive high quality protein formulae that contain 100% of the recommended daily intake (RDA) for vitamins and minerals in five servings per day. Patients generally describe the products as very desirable in taste. These products are to be used as meal replacements (not meal supplements).

Please remember that meal replacement products need to be used under the guidance of your MD and are not commercially available in stores. The commercially available “protein shakes” do not contain the right proportion of essential nutrients and are not recommended for use before surgery.