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Great Workout Ideas You Can Do When You Have Joint Pain

Great Workout Ideas You Can Do When You Have Joint Pain

When you have arthritis, you may think that exercise may aggravate it and that the most logical remedy for joint pain is rest. However, joint pain caused by arthritis can be greatly relieved through certain exercises. Exercise also helps combat fatigue and improve strength and flexibility.

High impact exercises can cause your joints more harm, so here are a few low-impact exercises that work well for those arthritic joints.

  • Any kind of activity as opposed to following a sedentary lifestyle works wonders. Everyday activities such as walking the dog, raking the leaves and mowing the lawn are simple, yet effective in relieving arthritis symptoms.
  • Range-of-motion exercises help prevent stiffness and allow your arms and legs to move through a complete range of motion. These include simple movements such as rolling your shoulders and raising your arms.
  • Strengthening exercises work on strengthening your muscles. Weight training is an excellent strength-training program that can be performed three days a week, with ample rest in between sessions.
  • Low-impact aerobic exercises, such as walking, swimming, elliptical machines and cycling are safe and effective for overall fitness without harming your joints. Avoid high-intensity aerobic exercises such as jogging.
  • Body awareness exercises including tai chi and yoga help improve relaxation, posture, coordination and balance, preventing falls.

Staying active is important for you to stay healthy. Your doctor is a great resource to help you decide which exercises would best fit your condition.